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Pre-Foreclosure Report (Foreclsoure Auctions)

The Pre-Foreclosure List is a monthly report containing all of the postings filed on real estate for that county’s upcoming trustee sale/auction. These postings have been filed due to either a delinquent mortgage or delinquent homeowner/condo association dues. All property types are included in this list – residential, commercial, land and miscellaneous. In 1963, FLS began researching foreclosure postings and publishing monthly pre-foreclosure lists. Each month, our team of experienced researchers begins by researching the foreclosure postings filed at various county courthouse databases. However, the information provided on the posting yields only a small portion of the information needed by our clients. For example, the posting notice provides insight on the key players – the names of the property owner, the lender and the lender’s trustee, the volume/page of the deed of trust and possibly the property address but then we conduct a more detailed research to gather and add information regarding the property type (is it a home, a condominium, an office building, an unimproved tract of land, etc.), property size, year built, assessed value and other property characteristics, as well as information about the posted mortgage (loan type, loan amount and when it will scheduled to be paid off.

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The Pre-Foreclosure Lists are available and published on a monthly basis.

Our extensive research process is completed on Wednesday night, 20 days prior to the foreclosure auction. At that time, the complete list is available online. However, to assist our customers in gaining an edge on foreclosure investment opportunities, we begin adding Early Postings to our database as much as 45 days before the auction in many of the counties in our coverage area. So while you will want to access the complete list each month, you will want to take advantage of the Early Postings through our website.

Coverage in Texas

FLS’s Pre-Foreclosure Lists are available for 240 individual counties within the State of Texas

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