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Title Research & Examinations **Online**

One of the single most of important skills any investor or real estate professional must acquire is how to effectively research title. Mastery of this fundamental, yet often oversimplified, skill set helps investors and real estate professionals avoid countless hours in delays and lost investment dollars. Quickly research any real estate property for FREE. Don’t pay title companies for costly title searches and don’t be fooled into thinking a simple search of the County Clerk’s website is all you need to get the job done. At we train you how to do a quick, yet thorough examination of a subject property to ensure you know exactly what you are getting and how your findings will impact your deal.

E-course includes:
50 page step-by-step manual, 3-hours of recorded videos, actual Title Research forms, Top-50 county websites and a Q&A forum (ask the trainer).

$60.00 - **Course includes 180 days access to a the course manual, training videos and support documents. You will be provide a unique web URL in your order confirmation email (immediately after you complete your order).

How to Buy Texas Foreclosures **Online**

Investing in Texas Foreclosures can be a very lucrative strategy but you need to fully understand the process, people, pitfalls and profit centers (the 4 P's).  This workshop is geared to show you specifically how to LOCATE, CONTROL and MONETIZE foreclosure leads and walk you through the process in a step by step manner.  We see many investors waste TIME and MONEY because they are not EDUCATED on how the process works here in Texas.  If you are serious about pursuing this type of lead, you owe it to youself to take this Online course.

E-course includes:
70 page manual, 3-hours of recorded video instruction, forms, contracts, marketing pieces, websites and more..

$60.00 - ** You will be emailed a web URL that has the online course.
$100.00 - ** Online Course plus a 45 minute consultation with a Roddy coach.

Texas Tax Liens: The Unknown Auction **Online**

Every month, hundreds of properties are auctioned off at the Sheriff’s Sale, which is also known as the Constable’s Sale due to either delinquent property taxes or a judgment. Most delinquent properties are 3 to 5 years behind on their property taxes. Although the Sheriff’s Sale/Auction is held on the first Tuesday of each month, just like the Trustee’s Auction, the laws and procedures are very different . Tax deed investing in Texas is one of the best investments you can make for two reasons. The first is the high statutory rate of return if the property is redeemed within the allotted time period. The second is that most properties purchased at the Tax Auction are purchased at far below their market value, sometimes as much as 50% off.

E-course includes:
40 page step-by-step manual, 3-hours of recorded videos, all support documents and a Q&A forum (ask the trainer questions.

$60.00 - You will be provide a unique web URL via email (immediately after you complete your order).
$100.00 - Online course PLUS 45 min of 1 & 1 consulting with Roddy expert.

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